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Having a creative eye & mind

I can get your

message across


If you want clear and pin sharp studio images I have a portable studio setup I can conveniently bring to you. It is simple to set up ideally in a 3m x 4m area though if you have more space then that is perfect. Quality lighting and flash strobes compliment my professional camera equipment to ensure the best possible quality images. Setup time takes around 20 minutes and power is required. It's a great all round solution for people wanting the comfort and privacy of their own home or business.

Portable photo studio
 For clear , pin sharp images why not 
 take advantage of my portable studio 

My mobile studio is perfect for individuals or families wanting their own home privacy for wardrobe changes and equally for corporate clients who want me to set up at their workplace and take shots of the staff all in one location.




Three quality

studio flashes

to bring out

the detail

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