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 You dont take a photograph 



Your investment in me as a photographer, or videographer, is that I don’t put a time limit on my time with you. From consultation, through to all day coverage on your wedding my time is endless. Investing in me should be a relaxed and stress free part of your wedding planning.

I tell a story of your day that will melt your heart each time you see them for generations to come. Each wedding is different and I aim to document the day and tell that story from start to finish. The wedding package prices cover most requests but I can tailor the content and create a bespoke package for you.

What to Expect

Weddings are all about you and every 'you' is different. Therefore, we will always meet up before your wedding to discuss plans and help me in understanding what matters to you most. This sometimes is combined with your pre-wedding, or engagement shoot if you choose to have one, and is an important part in capturing the images you really love. It's a real ice-breaker and a great chance for us to learn and relax together in front of the camera. Couples generally choose a location that’s special to them, somewhere idyllic like the forest or beach, the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape or a special haven like where you got engaged. We’ll meet up, have a relaxed chat, then go for stroll and capture some memories. I prefer to be flexible with dates so we get the best weather for the day’s shoot.

It's a very common fact that most people don't like being in front of the camera and it's my job to make you relax and enjoy your day so even if a pre-wedding shoot isn't for you I believe in keeping in contact prior to the day. I think it is important to click with people than to just click the shutter button. My style is very much the documentary style and I'm usually told that I've either not been noticed or that I've felt part of the wedding party and not the photographer or cinematographer.

When the big day arrives I simply melt into the fabric of your day. Everything we have already discussed such as the timing plan and any specific shots you want I will have covered and I will appear on cue for these moments then fade back into background documenting your magical moments.



 My images will tell a story of your day 
 that will melt your heart every time you 
 see them for generations to come 
Why is Wedding Photography and Videography so expensive ?

A common question which is always asked. Despite common opinion it is not a one day a week job. Each wedding takes approximately 4 days when considering the pre-wedding shoot, visiting the venue and having a good recce, which trust me pays dividends when you need a backup plan if the weather turns sour. A photographer, and videographer, is also the only other supplier to your big day that is with you throughout the journey, for this the hero in me also carries tissues, confetti and something blue for those rescue missions! Furthermore comes the editing which generally takes me up to two weeks for photography and upto 6 weeks for videography in busy periods. You can read more on editing below.

The expensive cameras, lenses, flash guns, sound equipment, reflectors, insurances etc., etc., all cost money. Businesses all cost money. The important thing though is you are paying for a professional service, a skill, a visual artist if you will. It's the same reason you don't ask your friends cousins sister to cut your hair just because she does it for a couple of pounds. Everyone has an Uncle Peter who is a 'whizz' with a camera, but would you like Uncle Peter to capture your eternal memories just because he has a fancy camera?

Editing your day

So, what is editing all about?


All images and videos go through some post processing operations. Yes, I do have trademark look and feel to my work but all images require love and attention. Try as we may to capture the moment it may just have a distraction in the background that draws the eye away. The term Photoshopped has become a word synonymous with the digital era and a word which people, not familiar with photography, use to describe as something false or fake. Photoshop is the leading software by Adobe used to edit stunning images. All the processes used to make this happen, or more importantly phrases used within Photoshop are the very processes old film photographers used in the traditional darkroom environments. Images always have and always will be edited and they were no different in the film days. Duplicate negatives and prints were scrawled all over by editors asking the photographer to ‘dodge’ or ‘burn’ this area and to ‘mask’ this part. This simply means that areas may need the shadows boosting ‘dodging’ to see the detail or to tone down an area ‘burning’ or to remove something altogether ‘masking’. Therefore, when you see something plainly obvious that sticks out like a sore thumb people often refer to it as being Photoshopped though this couldn’t be further from the truth. The true art of using Photoshop is that you would never know if the image had been edited or not. You'd be amazed where lipstick ends up throughout the day with all the congratulation kissing going on ! The same can be said for the video editing side of things. Adobe Premier Pro is the leading software for creating stunning, cinematic effects that Hollywood filmakers use..... why should you be any different.

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