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Fields of Gold....

Travelling down south towards Hereford on another Classic Bike Guide shoot from my home town of Lightwood in Staffordshire, I had time to plan out an idea I had in my mind for this shoot. On my last journey down to see the wonderful gentleman Christian Spaett of Venture Classics on another CBG shoot I had seen a field full of rape seed. I was thinking that the bright glow of yellow would look great with a contrasting bike in the middle.

Of course being in England the weather was on the turn with a 'will it? or won't it?' outlook on the rain. We had to act fast. We had spent the morning doing some action shots so with the hunt for this yellow field now on the cards it was easier for us to put the bike in Christian's van and follow our noses. Thankfully we got the shots we wanted just before the heavens opened!

You can see a few more of this bike on my Published Work page.....

#ClassicBikeGuide #Motorcycles

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