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First in Last out

It was at the beginning of summer I got to shoot my first assignment with Classic Bike Guide which ironically has turned out to be the last one published. 2016 turned out to be a great year for motorcycle shoots for me with some great front covers and features in the magazine.

The year ended well with yet another front cover for the January 2017 issue however that run continues with this month’s February issue and the resplendent BSA Gold Star I shot all those months ago. It was the first time I met the fine gentleman Christian Spaett of Venture Classics and his amazing stock of motorcycles for sale. I mean come on, who's jaw wouldn't hit the floor when their eyes are pummelled with wall-to-wall motorcycling’s pièce de résistance’s.

On the day, we had taken the Gold Star 2 minutes down the road from Venture Classics beautiful Herefordshire surroundings to a side lane. Once across the cattle grids we were welcomed by a stately homespun drive way that rolled through a treeline setting on one side and open lawns the other side. Though Christian told me it was a thoroughfare linking two 'B' roads together with virtually no traffic it did have some rather imposing properties dotted along the lane and with wide open spaces around us it looked set that we wouldn’t bother anyone.

I was of course very wrong and before we had even begun the Gold Stars thumping engine and the action shots we had one of the residents looming upon us in the distance. My natural reaction at this stage was to look at the camera and pretend I am reviewing something all the while watching the character approaching in my peripherals. The gentleman, a tall mature chap sporting a cravat and exquisite tweed jacket under a boiler suit, had emerged from the garden of this lavish property and though clearly double my years it was the hedge sheers he was clasping whilst fixated on the bike and us that was giving me cause for alarm.

'BSA Gold Star!'....... The gentleman snapped to a halt, his aura immediately changing from what appeared to be a raging bull to a man lost in romantic nostalgia. 'Is this yours? ..... I bought one new in 1939 you can come up and see it if you like', and with that all was then well in the world again, my heart rate at least.

#Motorcycles #BSAGoldStar

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